Only silent ground remains​.​.​.

by Dreaming Disorder

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Recording/mixing/mastering - Dreaming Disorder


released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Dreaming Disorder Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Old school death metal with melodic elements.

Balázs Szabó - Vocals
Zoltan Borzas - Guitar

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Track Name: Endless War
War, war never changes
Insanity triumphed over peace
The red button isn't left untouched
Everything is in ruins tonight

Ballistic missiles with nuclear payloads
Fly in the night to destroy the Earth

These are the last minutes
It is the only chance to see the stars,
before explosions bring the nuclear winter's first blast

Look at the nature, the civilisation
They will never be the same
But will there be survivors and can they start again?

Radiation, darkness, nearly complete dissolution
New times will be hard for us
No drinks, no food but infections

Is that what you wanted? The real nightmares...

No turning back, no human race, the planet is dying
Only silence remains and war
Endless war, waaaaaar...
Track Name: Trapped in Swamp
Awakening from the dark, with blur in your eyes.
Where are you and who can bring light?
There is no hope, only the stars.
But they bring no good news while
showing you this huge, sprawling swamp.

What are you search in the middle of nowhere?
Who brought you here - you ask. But the answer does not matter.
There is no way, what you want
from here to anywhere where the air is not festering,
and the lights will shine far, far...

Your journey just started but you painfully realized,
there is nothing with you which helps
against the nature or animals.
This is the time of survival. Or death if you don't care enough,
your steps lead to dive, and your body never will rise.
Track Name: Specks of Dust
Doesn't matter
how hard you try
Your whole life
worths nothing

Did you ever recognise?
The events of the past
How many people you know?
Could you name the all dead of mankind...

Architects, scientists, artists
Nobody knows all of them
Libraries try memories to preserve
But it is failed as from hand slip the sand...

Touching space is only hope
Our world is a cold prison
Moon laughs at our struggles
Spacecrafts falls back or explode...

Even the pyramids will split up
Against fate you can not fight
In the universe we are only specks of dust...

Specks of dust!

Why take one step after another?
Like lost man in the desert,
without hope and water drags himself further
Can we preserve sanity,
or life is madness that we recognise only just before death?

Before death!
Track Name: Drink Vikings
Bad omens came over the land which
was simply called the Christian west.
At the time of the late 8th century
in a stormy year a viking raid began.

Dragonships with brave and thirsty warriors
sailed towards the island of monks.
Their plan was very sophisticated,
leave nothing standing, everything shattered.

Swing the battle axe, monks shall not flee.
Break the arms and heads while the crying
heared from everywhere and the luckiest
vikings reach the barrels with ale...

Raise the drinking horn,
because the battle was short.
Raise the drinking horn,
for every man was here slaught.
Raise the drinking horn,
for glory... Arghhh, all the vikings shout: Let's drink!

The small island trembled under viking feet
while the men faced towards the whirly rain.
Leaving the harbour did not seem safe,
so come on brothers, drink again!

Drink!... Aaaarrrggghhhh...

We can not fight against the weather,
the Gods prevent us from leaving this place.
It's another day where we can not sail
so see my friends, (if there) remained any ale?

Raise the drinking horn,
because the battle was short.
Raise the drinking horn,
for every man was here slaught.
Raise the drinking horn,
for glory... Arghhh, all the vikings shout: Let's drink!